ICT for Human Development in Africa

Between 1998 and 2004, I explored the relationships between Information and communication technology (ICT) and poverty, regional integration, and development in Africa. The purpose of my research was to examine how ICT can boost the development of our continent. I was amongst young Africans who strongly believed on the attractive possibility presented by ICT of bypassing older technologies (leapfrogging). I thought leapfrogging can also made possible in a more radical developmental sense in areas such as education and health.

Twelve years later, we can acknowledge that despite the many specific examples of ICT benefits in Africa, the aggregate impact has thus far been limited. This reflects in part some fundamental constraints including the lack of complementary human capital, telecommunications sectors that are not yet sufficiently responsive, organizational rigidities, lack of innovative leadership.

This webpage summarizes various papers and presentations on the following topics:

1. African Information Society Initiative (AISI) and NICI Plans Implementation
2. The Use of Free, Libre, Open-Source Software (FLOSS) in Africa
3. ICT policies, strategies formulation, and development in Africa
4. ICT policies in West Africa
5. ICT policies formulation and e-strategies development in Africa
6. ICT policies in East Africa: Comparative Analysis
7. Infrastructure in Africa: SAT3, COMTEL, and the Rest
8. Internet Governance: The African Perspective
9. The Computerization of electoral processes in Africa: Challenges and opportunities.

The following contributions are written in French:

1. Internet and Subregional Cooperation in Central Africa
(French version: Internet et la cooperation sous-regionale en Afrique Centrale)
2. Elaboration of NICIs in Central Africa
(French version: Processus de developpement des NICI en Afrique Centrale)
3. Good governance, decentralization, and ICT
(French version: Bonne gouvernance, decentralisation administrative et NTIC)
4. The Role of ICT in Central Africa
(French version: Le role des NTIC en Afrique Centrale)
5. ICT and Private sector
(French version : STIC et Secteur prive)
6. ICT and Sustainable Development
(French version : Les NTIC et le developpement durable)
7. E-commerce in Central Africa (Main contributor: Gabriel Nahimana)
(French version : Le Commerce electronique en Afrique Centrale)
8. ICT can drive the Development in Central Africa
(French version: Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication : Outils d'aide a la lutte contre la pauvrete, Moteurs de developpement et Vecteurs d'integration en Afrique Centrale).