All models and Tools

This webpage proposes major models and tools developed and in use by various Member States.

goPRS: Public Procurement Review Software to prevent corruption through public procurement. goPRS is a suite of software (goPRS Enterprise, goPRS Web, goPRS Intelligence, goPRS Learn, and goPRS eGP) designed specifically to: 1) improve PPRA’s internal review and monitoring of the procurement approval process; 2) reduce human interaction and personal contacts between procurement officials (MDAs) and PPRA staff that can give rise to bribery opportunities; 3) kick-off PPRA’s oversight on budget appropriations versus reported procurement actions; 4) manage and publish procurement-related information (vendors database, prices lists) to assist suppliers in preparing their best offers and governments in assessing them to support the procurement process.

goIDM : ICT Infrastructure and Data Centre Model

goEFS ( Electronic Fingerprint and Biometric Solution.

JRC: ( Judicial Research Centre

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