About Dr. A. Nkoyock

I am an author, scholar and technologist at the United Nations. I am the founder and president of Think Tank CABAC, a pan-African and pro-African group of intellectuals and activists in the diaspora whose ultimate mission is to help foster and promote a new vision and image of Africa and a new African Leadership. I am also the founder of Association Nkom, a non-for-profit organization that promotes African rural development.

My most recent co-authored publication (2015) “Cameroonian Diaspora: Outside the State, Within the Nation” is a must for French readers (see below)

Also read the following pieces of work:

1. Nkoyock, A. (2016). Brexit : les leçons que les panafricanistes devraient en tirer. Jeune Afrique. Available at here...

2. Nkoyock, A. and Spiker, B. (2012), “Aligning IT To Business In Complex Multinational Corporations: The Case Of The U.N. Secretariat”. UK Academy for Information Systems Conference Proceedings 2012. Paper 15. Available here

Advising, lecturing, or consulting on serious, innovative projects in my areas of interest. Non-profits using innovation, particularly technology, to improve society. Generally prefer leadership roles working with innovators that also have the goal of improving the world, as well as launching ultra-successful products and businesses.

For further details, please visit  my website and my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

The comments, ideas, and thoughts on this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.


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