Dark/Deep Web Dirty Activities: New Frontiers, New Methods!

There are increasing demands to enrich tactical and strategic analyses with virtual currencies (VCs) or crypto currencies (CCs) transactions. VCs/CCs are gaining prominence as a medium of exchange. They have several benefits like very low transaction cost, fungibility, etc. In recent years, VCs/CCs have emerged and attracted investment in payments infrastructure built on their software protocols. These payments mechanisms seek to provide a new method for transmitting value over the internet.

But VC/CC payment products and services present money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) risks and other crime risks that must be identified and mitigated and are also identified with their use in crimes, illegal activities and speculation in the Dark/Deep Web. In fact, the Dark/Deep Web has been mostly used by anti-social elements for illegal activities. Recruitment to terrorist organizations, drug smuggling, gun running, the sale of blood diamonds, illegal and banned substances, piracy, money laundering, human trafficking, etc. are all facilitated by the Dark/Deep Web.

It is imperative to provide conceptual and practical architectures to mitigate the various risks associated to internet-payment systems (VCs/CCs). Waiting is not an option anymore!

Reflections from the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona!

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