Coming Book on Diaspora and Development!

I am so delighted to see that our last book is well received and supported by many international and renowned publishers. It is entitled  “Cameroonian Diaspora: Outside the State, Within the Nation”.

The overall objective is to promote patriotism, networking and cooperation among Cameroonians in the Diaspora. In that endeavour, we intend to mobilize the vast resources of manpower and machinery available.

The book will feature an introduction, a foreword, 19 chapters, and two appendices, adding up to a total of about 450 pages. Its publication is planned in May 2014 in France. We hope that this book will combine the perspectives of the Cameroonian diaspora with those of various scholars and practitioners interested in the involvement of the diaspora in the development of the country. Having this book endorsed by renowned international publishers is a privilege and a tremendous support.

The objective of this project is to explore the extent to which the Cameroonian diaspora influence of national development issues as well as the plurality of modalities it can exercise such influence.

The book’s main audience is the Cameroonian people (both inside and outside the country). But it is also intended to nationals of other African countries, as well as regional and international institutions which are cooperating with our country to improve the actions and activities aimed at ensuring its smooth development.