Aligning IT to Business in MNCs: The Five-Stage Process


The five-stage process summarizes the steps for a successful IT strategic alignment in multinational corporations (MNCs.) The process has five stages, each of which is associated with one of the nine reasons explaining IT projects failure.

The steps are: (a) clarifying the strategic business orientation, (b) developing leadership competencies of business and IT managers, (c) sharing knowledge, (d) strategically planning IT projects, and (e) strategically managing IT and technological changes.

The five-stage process of IT strategic alignment covers process and content perspectives of the interrelationship between business and IT in MNCs. The process perspective includes the following dimensions: (a) intellectual and social, (b) short- and long-term, (c) shared domain knowledge, and (d) enablers and inhibitors. The content perspective focused on the strategic orientation of business enterprises and the strategic orientation of the existing portfolio of information systems.

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From Aligning IT to Business: A Roadmap by Alain Nkoyock, Barry K. Spiker, Copyright © 2010 by Alain Nkoyock.